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Barry Lee Hands Engraving Studios

Las Vegas Nevada
(406) 249-4334

Barry Lee Hands offers one on one classes in his Las Vegas Studio by appointment.

You will receive personally tailored instruction in engraving techniques at the advanced, intermediate, or beginning level depending on your personal needs.

You will work side by side with Mr. Hands in his engraving studio learning techniques and the business of how an engraving shop is run on a day to day basis.

Courses are five days in length and include airport pickup on Sunday McCarran airprt Las Vegas (LAS)and airport drop-off the following Saturday. Tuition is $5000 for Five days of instruction. Courses for two or more students are available by special arrangement with Mr. Hands.

Mr. Hands is an award winning Master Engraver. He was awarded “Best Engraved Rifle” and “Engravers Choice Award of Merit” in 2009 , “Best Engraved Handgun” in 2010, “Spirit of the Knifemakers Guild “ in2012, and “Best engraved Single Shot Rifle” in 2015 at the Firearms Engravers Guild of America annual meeting at The Gun Engravers Show in Las Vegas.

He is known for his thorough and meticulous layout and design, combining time honored engraving techniques with his own innovative style.

Barry Lee Hands has been a professional Engraver since he was apprenticed at Gist engravers at the age of seventeen years. He has worked and studied with engravers such as Ron Smith and Winston Churchill. Barry has worked with David Trevallion, Jerry Fisher, Gary Goudy, Lee Helgeland, Craig Boddington, The Winchester Custom Shop, The Colt Custom shop, C. Sharps Arms Co., Dakota Arms co., John Rigby and Co. and knifemakers Steve Hoel and SR Johnson.
Barry’s Knife Engraving has been exhibited at the prestigious Art Knife Invitational, and at the Arts In Metal show in Stresa, Italy.
He holds Certified Master status in the Firearms Engravers Guild of America, and has served as President of the Guild for the last four years.. He has also served as an Engraving Instructor for GRS/Glendo, the Colorado Gunsmithing Academy of Lamar, and The Ithaca Gun Company.

“ In centuries to come, it is a certainty that the name “Hands” will be referred to with the same respect and artistic reverence as the names of Young, Nimschke, Ulrich, Helfricht, Kornbrath, Francolini, McKenzie, Churchill, and White.”

- Jim Alaimo, Superintendent, Colt Custom Gunshop, October 18, 1993

“ The most beautiful knife blade engraving I have ever seen”
-Joe Kious

“Recognized as working at the Master level of accomplishment”, he is world renowned and in great demand.

-R. L. Wilson from the Colt Book of Engraving