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Carl Bleile  
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Engravings and Carvings by Carl Bleile
North Bend, OH 
Phone: (513) 225-2518


Carl Bleile has been engraving for almost 40 years. He is in over 30 books and magazines and has taught hundreds of artists. What Carl Bleile can teach you in a few days could take you over a year or more to learn on your own.

Carl Bleile's engraver training is suited for all levels of students from the beginner to the advanced. Students will be instructed on proper tool types, tool sharpening and tool usage. All engraving styles are taught, American, European, English, Italian, free style scroll, deep relief, sculpted relief, banknote, bulino, gold inlay, scenes, figures, layout, transfer and design.

Carl will provide the time honored and modern techniques to cut the engraving styles. All tools and equipment will be provided. The student will have the choice of tools from hammer and chisel to all types of power hand pieces. Students are welcome to bring their own tool and supplies.

Carl believes in one on one and smaller size classes so that he can develop a more personal relationship with his students. This allows him to more closely monitor what progress or problems need to be addressed.

Appointments will be scheduled between Carl and student. Courses for private training are 2 to 5 days at a cost of $600 per day. Two beginner level students may train together for a cost of $1000 each per day.

Due to the vast amount of information that will be taught, students are encouraged to call Carl for clarification or help after taking the course.

When you take the time to work with Carl you will find he is respectful of your needs. If for any reason, after starting the course, you don’t feel comfortable, the remainder of your money will be refunded.

As Carl says” If you have the desire to learn I will teach you”.

Carl Bleile
Southwest, Ohio (west of Cincinnati)
Phone: (513) 225-2518