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What is Hand Engraving?
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Montgomery Community College offers Curriculum Classes year round and a two week NRA Continuing Education Engraving Seminar  between Spring and Fall semesters.


Two week Continuing Education Metal Engraving Classes


The  classes are held from Monday through Friday for two weeks and is offered between Spring semester and Fall semester.  This fertile learning environment consists of experienced engravers and beginning engravers and exposes the students to the current engraving techniques in the world of hand-metal engraving. Engraving vices and work benches are supplied. Air tools, hammers, various tool making and sharpening fixtures, videos and other basic tooling will be shared by students. These NRA engraving  have been offered for the past twenty years.  The low cost of these  classes is due to  the State of North Carolina supporting metal engraving as a valued skill, and thus subsidizing both out of state and in state students.


Dates   2015                            July 27 to August 7

Cost     2015                            $256.00


For additional information concerning registration, local living accommodations, tool lists and other college related questions contact -

Montgomery Community College, Continuing Education dept. 910 576 6222 or visit


For information concerning the class content, call Jesse Houser 910 428 3444

(2014 end of class student comments are available upon request)


Semester Curriculum Classes (Friday evening and Saturday)


The Instructor

Metal Engraving

Jesse J. Houser, Program Head

A.A., Montgomery Community College.

Over 30 years of teaching and professional experience.


Students in the Metal Engraving program will be challenged to apply the craftsmanship and design of the hand engraver. The various engraving techniques will be taught and practiced before being applied to metal objects of value and worth.


While technology in the form of the air assist engraver has replaced about half of all engraving formerly done with a hammer the Metal Engraving program teaches both techniques.


Job Opportunities

Successful graduates will be able to apply their skills in occupations such as metal engraver, gold and/ or silver smithing, gunsmithing, jewelry making, knife making or tool and die trades, restoration of antiques, reproduction of artifacts and wood carving. The broad skill base of the engraver allows successful graduates to cross into numerous craft and art areas where metal is embellished.


Basic Metal Engraving Certificate

Fall Semester

MEG 110 - Tools and Procedures

MEG 111A – Scroll Cutting and Design

Spring Semester

MEG 111B – Scroll Cutting and Design

MEG 115 - Lettering and Calligraphy


The course work with the Basic Metal Engraving Certificate includes:

MEG 1110 - Tool manikin’s, sharpening and tool cutting geometry. Application of the basic cuts needed for engraving, and becoming familiar with the tools and equipment of the modern hand engraver. The student will apply these skills into a live project.

MEG 111 A&B– Cutting and shading the scroll design in relief and bias engraving. The fundamentals of scroll drawing will be taught and applied on live project.

MEG 115 – The four major lettering types will be studied, laid out and cut into metal. Understanding of anatomy, technique and use of proper tooling will be utilized in applying Calligraphy into a live project.


Advanced Metal Engraving Certificate

(All the classes for the basic certificate in addition to the following)

Fall Semester

MEG 114 - Bolino

MEG 116A - Flush and Raised Inlay

Spring Semester

MEG 116B - Flush and Raised Inlay

MEG117 - Metal Engraving Applications


The course work with the Advanced Metal Engraving Certificate includes:

MEG 114 - The student will practice the concept of cutting scenes and animals into metal. Knowledge combined with understanding will find the student applying Bolino to a live project

MEG 116A & B – Students will become familiar with flush and raised inlay utilizing semiprecious metal or precious metal into practice plates. Live projects will be utilized for the final application of skills and knowledge.

MEG 117- This is a capstone course that applies the previous class information into a simulated professional engravers marketplace. The students will learn to price engraving, customer relationship marketing, time studies, shop set up, and other related areas.


For additional information concerning cost of curriculum classes, registration, local living accommodation, tool list and other college related questions, contact -

Montgomery Community College, curriculum. 910 576 6222 or

For information concerning the class content, call Jesse Houser 910 428 3444



Montgomery Community College (Year round)
Jesse Houser
Troy, NC
(910) 428-3444


This curriculum was started in 1984 and has evolved with technology. Classes are currently offered on Friday evening and Saturday classes.

Air and hammer techniques Schedule 2008 - 2009

Fall Classes:  Tools Terms and Procedures Scroll cutting and design 1

Spring Classes:  Lettering and Calligraphy Scroll Cutting and Design 2

Cost: College Credit Instate - $42,  Out of State - $233


Murray State College
(NRA school) Jesse Houser

Tishomingo Oklahoma
(910) 428-3444


Murray State College ( NRA school ) Tishomingo Oklahoma Basic and advanced classes offered together with air or hammer techniques.

This two week class has been offered for the last 13 years. Class structure consist of about one-half experienced engravers and the other beginning engravers. Experienced engravers are challenged by the positive learning environment and exposure to other engravers as they work on their choice of practice plates or live projects.

Beginning engravers spend the first week on practice plates and progress to live projects the second week. Air engraving hook ups are supplied and engraving vices available if you don't have your own. Hammer engraving students can bring their own basic tools or be prepared to purchase supplies after the first day. At least one foot controlled and one palm air engraving tools will be supplied for students to share. Most evenings will find the classroom and shop available to students for engraving or watching engraving videos.

Cost: approximately $400