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Les Schowe Engraving Studio
Louisville, Colorado 80027
Phone: 303 915 9521
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I am offering private, one on one, engraving classes at all skill levels of engraving which will be taught in my engraving studio located in Louisville, Colorado (adjacent to Boulder, Colorado). I am interested in teaching students, 1 or possibly 2 students per class, who live within driving distance of my studio. Classes will be charged at an hourly rate.


My teaching plan is somewhat different and unique from most other plans which require the student to travel to the school location and attain room and board for the duration of the class. My plan will require each student to construct and maintain an engraving studio where he can practice engraving and complete various engraving assignments. Classes will be held in my studio, 1 or 2 hours duration per class, where personal one-on-one instruction will be given to each student on an as needed basis. Each class will include an analysis of the students recent engraving work and/or class assignments, critique of his work, a new engraving lesson, and finally an engraving assignment which is to be completed before the next class. In this way the student can progress at his own speed and come in for the next class when needed. I believe that while engraving can be taught that it can only be learned and mastered through a considerable amount of practice by the student.

This plan can also accommodate more experienced students who are having some problems with various areas of their engraving and only want help in that area.

In addition to the actual teaching of classes in my studio, I will be available to answer any question which may arise between classes. I will also be available to help and give advise to my students in attaining the engraving equipment which will be required for the construction of an engraving studio.


If you are interested in learning to engrave from the very beginning or you are interested in improving your current engraving skills, please give me a call or send an email so we can set up a tailored teaching plan to help you achieve your engraving goals.