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Trinidad State Junior College, Michael J. Pierson
Through the TSJC/NRA Summer Gunsmithing School
Trinidad, CO
Phone: (719) 846-2491

Basic and advanced engraving courses are offered at Trinidad State Junior College (TSJC) in Trinidad, Colorado. These courses are offered for credit during the academic year. They are also offered during the summer through the TSJC/NRA Summer Gunsmithing School. The summer courses are in shortened one week formats. The engraving labs are fully equipped with all of the appropriate equipment.

The courses are taught by Dr. Michael J. Pierson. He has over 35 years of university teaching and administrative experience. He trained under Frank E. Hendrichs and is proficient in the traditional hammer and chisel technique along with the pneumatic assisted technique. He can be contacted at 719.846.2491.